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Armageddon War

Armageddon War

Coming Soon to Kickstarter, Currently Not Available for Preorder!

Armageddon Rules Posted! 

Click here to see the latest version of the Armageddon War Rules. Note that some graphics in the rules are placeholders. 

Armageddon War depicts a dark future. One in which the nuclear genie has escaped the bottle. Following a limited nuclear exchange, conventional war erupts in the Mid-East. A continuation of a long feud, or a new war? That isn’t quite clear, yet neither does it matter. Old enemies fight for what arable land remains, old allies join the carnage, the war grows. 

Armageddon War is a platoon level game set in the near future. The first module focuses on the Mid-East, pitting Israelis against age-old adversaries, and a revitalized Russia against the United States. The game is a breath of fresh air in the war gaming world. There are no turns, just continuous activations. The intensity of a unit’s close combat modifier is determined by its morale, and when you fire on a unit, it has the option of taking cover, or returning fire. To hit numbers always remain the same, but the number of dice rolled, the affect of hits vary, all represented by multicolored dice and symbols.

For example, a Merkava platoon has a gold firepower number over a red explosion. Hence, when it fires on a target with a defense factor over a gold shield (usually other tank platoons) every success inflicts one hit on the target. But if the same platoon fires on a unit with a defense factor over a red shield (usually infantry), it takes two successes to inflict a hit.

Formations are activated by chit draw (nothing new there), but returned to the draw cup not at the end of a turn, but rather in a continuous manner. When chosen, a formation marker is placed on the activation track, to the right of the last-drawn formation. When only one chit remains in the cup, the two leftmost chits are returned to the draw cup. Simple, continuous. Available for pre-order soon.

Game Includes

  • Two mounted, 22" x 33" full color game boards.
  • Four sheets of gorgeous , die-cut 1" counters. Including Israeli Merkavas, American Abrams, Russian T-90s, Militia, Fantatics, RPG-29s, and much more.
  • Full-color rule and scenario book, including 16 scenarios.
  • Player Aid Cards.
  • Dice.
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