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Selling games is tough. 

I found that out a long time ago. Every little thing that can be done to make the creation, selling, and fulfillment of those games should be, no... it must be, done. Until recently, Flying Pig Games was taking all orders for our products using PayPal buttons on our website. That's fine, it's secure and it worked okay, and everyone who ordered gets their product. Yet inventory and selling metrics are difficult to track this way. The goods news is that this store makes it easier.

The even better news is that with this new store, by accepting both PayPal and credit cards, we make buying our games just a little bit more convenient for you. The huge upside, however, is that this secure store makes it much, much simpler to track and ship your orders. That makes it easier for us, and whatever is easier for us gives us more time to design and create the games we all love. It's a win, win. 

I'm Mark, the founder of Flying Pig Games, and I want to make stuff. So order away. You're saving us time, which helps us create. 

Mark H. Walker
December 2015