Impossibly Fun!

Submission Guidelines

Do you have a game that you'd like FPG to look at? You're in luck; we'd like to look at it!

Yaah! Magazine submissions: We're typically looking for games with no more than 176, and one or two 11x17-inch map sheets. The counters are 0.625 inches square, so if you're using hexes on your map, in order to ensure a comfortable fit (like a nice pair of shoes), hex-grids should be no more than 21x13 hexes; if you're going to need a Turn Track, Morale Track, Off-The-Beaten Track, then you'll need to have fewer hexes accordingly. Rules should run 8-12 pages.

Big Boxed Game submissions: No format limitations here. We make the biggest games in the business. 

What's next? It's simple, read below.

IMPORTANT: Describe your game in an email to staffATflyingpiggamesDOTcom. If we like what we see, then we will ask you to send a physical test copy for evaluation. Make sure your name and email are on the rules.

We are only looking for completed and tested games.

We are only looking for completed and tested games.

We are only looking for... well, you get the idea.

If you already have great-looking art, you'll move to the front of the queue.

BTW, "completed and tested" doesn't mean we are looking for final art. We'll do that. It means that we are looking for mature, tested designs.