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A Most Fearful Sacrifice 2nd Edition/Reprint

A Most Fearful Sacrifice 2nd Edition/Reprint

Charles S. Roberts Award Winner. Named Best Wargame of 2022!

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Why 2nd Edition? We wanted gamers, both owners and those who might buy at a later date, to know exactly which edition they are getting.

Okay, what is different? There are numerous small changes to the rule and scenario books, including anything worthwhile brought up in forums/etc.. Additionally, the game contains larger PACs. Specifically the Combat Results Table, Terrain Effects Chart, Close Fight/Combat Event, and Sequence of Play have been enlarged and placed on a 11" x 17" cards. 

If I own the original game, do I need the second Edition? Nope, not unless you want it.

Will I be able to get hard copies of just the rules, scenario book, etc.? Yes, but the copies are limited. We will post a link to the pre-order page soon.

Will I be able to download all that stuff if I don't want the hard copies? Yes. And it's free. Link to be posted at a later date.

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Here is a new set of printable 8.5" x 11" PACs with larger print.

It's early on July 1st, 1863, and Union Brigadier General John Buford’s 1st Reserve Cavalry Division is deployed to the west of the town of Gettysburg battling unidentified Confederate infantry advancing on the town.  All morning long, the men in gray have pressured the Union cavalry. Help finally arrives in the form of I Corps commander Major Gen. John Reynolds. He rides up to the Lutheran Seminary, where Buford is directing the battle from its cupola. Reynolds calls to Buford, "What goes, John?". The cavalryman simply points to the long lines of advancing Confederates and says, "The Devil's to pay!". Reynolds then asks, "Can you hold?", to which Buford responds, "I reckon I can." Reynolds ends the exchange with, “Let’s ride out and see all about it”. And with that rather brief, mundane conversation began one of the most important and iconic military engagements in history – the Battle of Gettysburg. 

A Most Fearful Sacrifice is an epic two-player wargame with over 15 square feet of playing area and 526 playing pieces depicting the fighting that occurred during all three days of this decisive clash. The game utilizes a new ACW operating system called the Black Swan system, which is closely related to the popular Blind Swords game system first introduced in the game The Devil’s To Pay! by Tiny Battle Publishing. This version of the system is specifically designed to handle larger-scale battles yet keep rules overhead low. Players can simulate huge encounters in a reasonable amount of playing time. This is accomplished in one way through the use of card draws rather than chit pulls. Also, players will trigger activations by Corps instead of by lower-level formations but they still have tactical decision-making choices by needing to determine which Divisions get activation priority. Though at a grander scale, this system maintains a tactical feel about it and still emphasizes the three “FOW’s” of war … the Fortunes of War, the Friction of War and the Fog of War. Players will be challenged to deal with a constantly developing battle situation, never quite sure of what the Gods of War will throw at them, and thus they must always be prepared to deal with historically realistic “black swan” events.  

1 – Full color rulebook
1 – Full color scenario Book with THIRTEEN scenarios. Nine use one of the two maps, four use both.
2 – Game Maps totally FIFTEEN SQUARE FEET of gaming goodness
4 - Sheets of a total of 352 13/16” (that's big) counters  
1 – 5/8” counter sheet (176 counters) for the admin markers
90 - Cards to activate corps, initiate planned events, trigger unplanned events and create fog of war.
1 – Player Aids
2 – large, 11" x 17" Command Displays 
6 – Dice (2 red, 2 black, 2 white)

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