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Night of Man Kickstarter Stretch Goals

Night of Man Kickstarter Stretch Goals

This is it! All the amazing Night of Man Kickstarter Stretch Goals in one exciting package. You must own the Night of Man base game to play these Expansions. 

Included are:

  • The Solitaire Expansion. Play alone against the Killers. a separate deck of cards controls the aliens and you lead the Earth Militia is six scenarios. Includes a rules and scenario book, solitaire counters, and a 27-card deck. If you prefer, click here to purchase a downloadable version of the Night of Man solitaire expansion, Alone Against the Aliens.
  • The Feroxi Expansion. The Feroxi are a telepathic, reptilian race whose warriors teleport into battle, whose shaman can control the opposing forces, and whose members worship a huge Kaiju we call Godzilla. Excitingly different, you'll want these warriors in your Night of Man collection. 
  • The Tile Location Expansion. Set of ten lush location tiles, such as the White House, an Alien crash site, a functioning teleporter, a Kaiju egg nest, and Ambush alley. Full color scenario booklet with rules and six scenarios that focus on the location tiles.
You can get all these stretch goals in one, convenient package. 

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