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Old School Tactical Stalingrad Expansion REPRINT

Old School Tactical Stalingrad Expansion REPRINT

Now Available for Preorder!

This is an expansion. You must own Old School Tactical Vol I to play Stalingrad.

This version of the expansion will come with a nifty box (pictured), two additional scenarios, and the original maps, counters, and scenarios. The new scenarios will also be made available for download soon so that those who purchased the original game will have access to them also.

First twenty-five preorders will get a 10$ coupon that can be applied to an order for any in-stock Flying Pig Games item. Coupon will be sent via separate email within the next week.

The most famous battle of the Eastern Front. Not a day goes by at the Flying Pig Games Multiplex that we don't receive an email, tweet, snapchat, or carrier pigeon asking us to reprint the Stalingrad expansion for Old School Tactical VOL I. Well, we found a way to fit it into our schedule, so we're doing it!

The Stalingrad Expansion Comes With:

  • a 30" x 41" historical mounted map.
  • a full sheet of OST counters.
  • a scenario booklet with EIGHT scenarios.
  • a beautiful new box to store everything in.

Just want the box? 

Some of you bought the expansion when it first came out and just want the box to put your stuff in. You can click here to purchase an empty box. 

$45.00 $40.00