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Old School Tactical Vol III

Old School Tactical Vol III

Now shipping! 

Download the OST version 5.6 rules here.

Vol 3 module-specific rules here.

Download the VASSAL module here.

Crafter type? Get a PDF copy of the game at Wargame Vault

Old School Tactical (OST) Vol III brings the popular OST system to the Pacific Theater of World War II. Fight in the jungles and on the beaches against both the Imperial Japanese Army and Naval (Marine) units. Unlike other OST soldiers, the fanatical Japanese have no Gut Check number, preferring death to dishonor. The Japanese also come with the new tank-killer units and, of course, rules for the famous Banzai attack. The Americans answer with canister rounds for their Stuart tank, the famed Marine firepower and discipline, and plenty of armor and artillery support.
The game ships with 16 scenarios, including Alligator Creek (Henderson Field),Edson's Ridge (Guadalcanal),In the Coconut Grove (Bougainville), First Clash (Guadalcanal), and more. New units include  Chi-Ha and Ha-Go tanks, Japanese Sappers, Type 99 LMG, Type 92 HMG, Type 89 Mortar, and more. On the American side there are LVTs, flamethrower tanks, Marine rifle units, Army rifle units, 37mm ATG (yeah, it fires canister), to name just a few.
It's all the quick-playing fun of Old School Tactical, set in the tense Pacific theater of operations. 
The game includes:
## 3 sheets of unit, weapon, vehicle, and condition counters. 2mm thick, corners rounded, nice.
## a large (We are talking HUGE!) 30" x 41" mounted game map, hexes are 1".
## 18 luck cards.
## unit data cards with each counter's information.
## 16 scenarios.
## player aid cards.
## color rule book.
## of course, dice.
## and a massive box
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