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'95 The Years of Sorrow

'95 The Years of Sorrow

Coming to Kickstarter in 2024

Introducing the third installment in the acclaimed Squad Battles series: "95’ The Years of Sorrow." Delve into the tumultuous decades following the fall of the Berlin Wall, where history did not end but instead ushered in a new era of conflict and strife. Mark H. Walker’s Squad Battles series of titles has taken gamers from the jungles of Vietnam to the deserts of Afghanistan, and now with 95’ The Years of Sorrow it transports players to the battlefields of Europe. Experience squad-level warfare like never before.

Building upon the beloved mechanics of its predecessors, '65 Squad Battles in the Jungles of Vietnam and 85’ Graveyard of Empires, The Years of Sorrow (TYOS) immerses players in the intense struggles of the late 20th and early 21st centuries. With its award-winning card-driven, hex and counter game system, TYOS brings tactical depth and strategic decision-making to every encounter.

TYOS retains all the enhancements introduced in Graveyard of Empires, including dynamic card-activated events, intricate helicopter mechanics, and expanded tactical options. From commanding infantry squads to maneuvering heavy armor like the T-80 and M1A1 Abrams, players will navigate a vast array of units across meticulously detailed battlefields.

Experience the clashes between major world powers like the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and Russia/Soviet Union against formidable adversaries such as the Panamanian Defense Forces, Serb Militias, and Chechen insurgents. Dive into alternate history scenarios that explore the consequences of a different outcome to pivotal events.

Featuring stunning, oversized counters and sprawling 11x17" maps, TYOS transports players from the sun-soaked streets of Panama City to the war-torn landscapes of Sarajevo and Grozny. Immerse yourself in the intricate artwork and detailed illustrations that bring each unit and battlefield to life.

Do you have the skill and strategy to endure the Years of Sorrow and emerge victorious amidst the chaos of war? Prepare to test your mettle in the most challenging installment of the Squad Battles series yet.

  • 6 richly illustrated, 11” x 17” geomorphic game boards.

  • 4 lavish sheets of thick 1” and 1.375” counters.

  • 1 deck of 54 action cards, 4 Event Cards, 5 Bonus Victory Condition Cards.

  • Full color rules and scenario booklet.

  • Player Aid Cards,

  • Terrain Effect Charts.

  • A die.

The scenarios are both historical and fictional, including

  1. Macho de Monte, Rio Hato, Panama, 20 December 1989: Rio Hato airport, a crucial target of Operation Just Cause, housed several PDF infantry companies supported by AA guns and armored vehicles. As tensions escalated, a fierce confrontation loomed.

  2. Grozny: The Terrible, Grozny, Chechnya, 1st January 1995: Amidst the chaos following the Soviet Union's collapse, Chechnya descended into turmoil. The Russian Army, tasked with restoring control, faced unexpected resistance in Grozny, earning the city its grim moniker.

  3. Pour L’Honneur de la France, Sarajevo, Bosnia, 27th May 1995: As civilian casualties mounted in Sarajevo, UN French troops faced daunting challenges. Besieged by Serb militias, they found themselves entangled in a dangerous game of survival and diplomacy.

  4. Operation Bollebank, near Tuzla, Bosnia, 29th April 1994: NORDBAT, an unconventional UN force, encountered a planned ambush by Serb militiamen. What followed was a decisive clash that tested the resolve of both sides.

  5. Edge of the Cliff, near Pristina, Kosovo, 12th June 1999: In the wake of escalating tensions in Kosovo, NATO and Russian forces stood on the brink of confrontation. As Pristina's airport became a focal point, the world held its breath for the outcome.

  6. Challengers to the Rescue, Muzequine, south of Pristina, Kosovo, 13 June 1999: With Pristina's airport at stake, KFOR forces faced formidable obstacles from Serbian and Russian troops. A daring mechanized vanguard sought to break through enemy lines and reinforce the embattled allies.

  7. Task Force Falcon, South of Pristina, Kosovo, 13 April 1999: US Task Force Falcon encountered unexpected opposition as they advanced towards Pristina. Facing both Serbian and Russian forces, they confronted a perilous new phase of the conflict.

  8. Berlin’s Wedding, Wedding District, West Berlin, French Sector, 14th August 1989: As tensions escalated in Berlin, French troops found themselves under attack from Soviet and East German forces. With echoes of historic battles, they prepared to defend their positions against overwhelming odds.

  9. The Tiergarten, Tiergarten, West Berlin, British Sector, 14th August 1989: British forces in the Tiergarten faced a daunting challenge as Soviet and East German troops closed in. With the fate of Berlin hanging in the balance, they prepared to hold their ground with determination and resolve.


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