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Armageddon War: Burning Lands Expansion

Armageddon War: Burning Lands Expansion

Burning Lands is a complete expansion for Armageddon War. It features a full-sized (22" x 33") mounted map board that loosely replicates the north-western corner of Jordan (just south of the Golan heights), a full sheet of counters that features the Hezbollah and Jordanian military, and a full color rules and scenario book with six scenarios. This map is MUCH different from the two maps that ship with the base game, providing a constricted, hilly, heavily wooded terrain to fight in. Perfect for ambushes. Perfect for leveling the technological playing field. The EXPANSION includes.

  • 22" x 33" Mounted full-color map. We mean it's BIG. I wouldn't even buy this if you live in a small apartment.
  • Full sheet of thick, large counters representing the armed forces of Jordan and the Hezbollah (as they exist in 2028).
  • Full-color scenario and rules booklet with six scenarios.
  • The Burning Lands box to put everything in. 
Burning Lands is an expansion. You, or someone you know, must own Armageddon War to play Burning Lands. 

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