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For The Empire

For The Empire

For the Empire is an expansion for Old School Tactical Vol IV The Italian Theater 1943-45. You must own Old School Tactical Vol IV to play For the Empire. 

When Great Britain once again found herself in war, she sent out a call to her Commonwealth allies.  They stepped forward and answered the call, as they always had.

New Zealand was in the thick of the action from the beginning.  The Kiwis fought bravely in the Balkans and Greece, the battle for Crete and were a key force in the North African campaign.

The New Zealanders came to Italy with the same amount of fight.  Among the many battles they faced, they were tasked with a difficult struggle to take the fortress at Monte Cassino.

The Canadian Navy fought vigorously in the battle for the North Atlantic, but the army was static, stationed in the British Isles.  But they were itching to get into the scrap.

They got what they wanted when their soldiers and tankers were added to Operation Husky, the invasion of Sicily.  They were bloodied and they learned.

They carried on to the Italian boot and fought their way North through difficult terrain against a determined enemy that always had the advantage,  Many battle honors were earned, one being the terrible Christmas in Ortona.

For the Empire Contains: 

  • a large map (30" x 41") game map (hexes are 1") that depicts urban ruins and Italian countryside for units to fight on.

  • Two sheets of counters which adds Canadian and New Zealand units, including the M5 Ram, the Fox Armored Car, AT74 Sticky Bomb, 6-Pounder ATG, Sherman V, 2" Mortar, Sapper squads, and much more.

  • Also added are the German Fallschirmjagers.

  • a full-color playbook with 14 scenarios involving these units.

Old School Tactical Vol IV is required to play For the Empire

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